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Jerland, the evolution of a dream...

Jerland Farm is the realization of dreams to reality. As a young boy who dragged everything
from pollywogs, kittens, puppies, and butterflies home, Larry Jerome never outgrew his
fascination with the animal kingdom. His first experience in genetics was overrunning his mothers basement with waltzing mice. Next were 30 different breeds of chickens, then ducks,
and turkeys.

Larry YoungAs time progressed he focused his attention on bigger
things like calves, horses and dogs. He became very
active in the 4-H youth program, where he learned to
compete, and gained the desire to strive for excellence.

With the support of his parents, be age 15, he had
developed an eleven cow registered holstein herd of
cattle, a small band of registered Arabian horses, and
a flock of exotic poultry. All this took place on the original
farm where his father, Wallace H. Jerome, began Jerome
Foods Inc., later renamed The Turkey Store Company.

His fathers guidance, and mothers support, provided the basis for these ventures to grow
and flourish. At age eighteen, Larry purchased his present homestead and moved his
growing operations. In 1970 the most important ingredient was added to this growing
enterprise: his wife, Shelley. Together they would join forces and begin an over thirty year
voyage to create their present day setting.